May 25, 2014

Goose Liver is a Hungarian delicacy and this one even comes in its own fat!
Moved again!  Have we moved in the last few years just for the experience so that one of these days we will get it right and it will seem simple? Well, it’s done. As we (and the elders helping) were carrying belongings up the 96 stairs to our apartment, we wondered how it would be to just take two suitcases, hop on a train and move to another city like the elders do in missions around the world -- sounds so simple.  Ours was two carloads!

We are settled once again and soon this apartment will feel like home.We enter here and we are on the top or 5th floor. It has some advantages and some things we will miss about our other apartment – like storage space. We have things under the bed and suitcases in the corner of the bedroom. Such is life! This is a sort of brown house.  Here are some photos:

Entering the hallway and looking towards a living room.

Living room, complete with built in sofa and 1950’s rock wall – a spider’s Shangri La!

Kitchen – notice a full-size refrigerator.  You can't see a dishwasher and hot water!

Table – glass and chrome to complete the 50’s decor – looking into the kitchen on the left.
The 'office' room.

Bedroom – that’s all there is to it.

 The water closet. 

Saturday afternoon we took the elders on a quick errand and discovered a small festival in the city center. Here they are selling socks -- with names on them.

There are lovely, quiet tree-lined streets and walkways in this city. We just need to learn our way around.  We have only been to Tesco (grocery shopping) and Praktiker (like Home Depot) for hooks and shelves.   Tomorrow we are going to a phone store, an office supply store and a hair cut ‘store.’  Stores are very specialized.

About every other street we try to turn into we meet this sign – no entry.  There are lots of one-way streets – usually not the way we want to go.

It was a delightful walk to church this morning.  We had to pass the festival still happening in the town center on our way to the branch house, which is just off the center with a park and fountain right outside. The entrance is just where the man in the white t-shirt is walking. The elders were going to hook up our internet today, but Stan managed to get it working last night.  When we turned it on we had an email from the branch president asking us to speak today.  We did a short talk and testimony (in Hungarian) and two other new elders also bore their testimonies.  The elders came for lunch today.  We are very impressed with these elders; they will help us to know the members and we hope we can be of help in strengthening this branch. 

Tudjunk, hogy az evangélium igaz. (We know that the Gospel is true.)  Szerelem minden. (Love to all.)


  1. I'm at Mom's and have updated her on your blogs. She can't imagine all those stairs! But is very happy to see where you live and how your work is going. Congratulations on giving a talk in Hungarian, and with very little notice.

  2. Just got caught up. Your apartment is very cool. What you are calling "50s" design is inspired by mid-century modern (50s) but is very contemporary European. Sorry about the spiders, but I really think it is great.