June 29, 2014

A very large apartment building in Kaposvár.  This is a typical apartment building built during the Soviet years.  They moved people from the country to cities (for more control).  Now many of these large apartments are sitting empty throughout the countryside of Hungary.  This one looks to be full. 
Every week can't be full of action and adventure.  It’s been a rather quiet and slow week and a cooler one also.  The day and a half of rain did wonders for keeping the temperatures from climbing and certainly helped the agriculture all around us.  

What are you paying for gas these days?   Here gas is around 416 forints a liter, which makes it about $7.20 per gallon!!  That's why we liked public transportation in Budapest.  So, we try to walk wherever we need to go here, also.  Twice Sharon has walked to the grocery store alone – a most liberating feeling!   

The zone leaders were here this week; which made 8 at our district meeting.  

Several teens who are friends (a recent convert, one to be baptized next weekend, and an investigator) planned a branch party for one of the elders’ birthday on Saturday.  We opened with a hymn, prayer, and a spiritual thought. Then the eating—it was all dessert as you can see!  Then they had a game in which they read verses from the scriptures and the teams had to guess the chapter and verse.  And then some ‘Minute-to-Win-It’ type games.  When the birthday elder didn’t accomplish his task in a minute, he had to invite someone else to try. 

Here Sharon had to take tiny washers (nuts and bolts variety) off a spaghetti noodle and stack them without touching them.  

Success!  That noodle did come out. 

Because our branch president is out of town this week, Elder Miller conducted church – in Hungarian.  And then he spoke – in English (and used a translator).

Speaking of language, there are a few things we understand -- they are the same in any language:

  •  Babies crying
  •  Babies laughing
  •  Children playing
  •  Siblings running around their mother’s legs at a bus stop
  •  Children wanting something at a store
  •  Teens and young adults with earphones
  •  Teens and young adults on cell phones
  •  Teens and young adults in love
  •  Teens and young adults dress the same the world over

We used this week to finalize paper work (which is labor intensive) on previous projects and make appointments for upcoming visits and potential projects.  We are headed out in the morning to a couple of new cities (for us) to meet with agencies and also do some pricing and shopping for other projects.

Not a week for lots of happenings and pictures.  But all is well here. We are very blessed and know that Heavenly Father is watching over us and guiding us in our work -- which is His work.  May He also bless and keep you this week.


  1. Those huge apartment blocks actually look much nicer and more attractive (is that really possible?) than some in Russia and Eastern Germany I have seen in photos. Public transportation is great. We NEVER needed a car in London. Just this week, Stephen and I met our Hansen cousins for breakfast in SLC. Ann drove us up, but on the way home, we took TRAX, Frontrunner, and the UTA bus all the way home. It is dirt cheap for seniors. I wish we had the kind of transport they have in Europe: close, and frequent. I think I would use it much more. It would be "libertating." Have a good week.



  2. Yep, as we've said many times over, "the gospel is the same wherever you go" and it looks like having food at every activity is the same also. lol