November 9, 2014

You'll never guess about these pictures.  We came across this in an upgraded area of the city.  
The tree roots are covered with a 'cork like' substance.  It looks almost like it was
 poured over and then it hardened -- clean and nice.

Another busy and full week at home in Kaposvár with wonderfully warm weather.

Monday we attended a funeral for a member of our branch.  It was held at the mortuary in the cemetery.   His family did not want anything LDS; they felt that "he was taken by a cult.  They were very nice people and cared for him, but a cult nonetheless.”  In the funeral, a woman (I think this is her occupation) read for about 8 minutes, another woman got up and recited something and then the original woman read some more for several minutes, and closed her book.  Three men came in to get the flowers.  The wreaths were put on top of the hearse, the urn (he was cremated) was put in the hearse, and then

we all walked behind the hearse as it slowly drove through the cemetery to the burial site.  This all  took 15 minutes.  At the grave, the woman read some more, and then our branch president was given three minutes.

He sang a hymn (he has a beautiful tenor voice) and prayed.   And then they put the urn in the crypt, sealed it and placed the many flowers around.

Monday evening was FHE again with a good crowd – six investigators; one new one.  We had a lesson, and then an activity and games; and of course, refreshments.  Again, all seemed congenial and had a good time together. 

Tuesday, the senior missionary auditing couple arrived to do a branch audit.  They came over for dinner afterwards before leaving to go on to Pecs.  Actually, Elder and Sister Bailey (from Sandy, UT) served a mission here and while living in Pécs, drove to Kaposvár a couple of times a week to serve as the branch was beginning in Kaposvár.  They have now returned as the auditing couple and travel to several countries in Eastern Europe for auditing purposes. 
Wednesday we met with a children’s home here in Kaposvár.  You may think you’ve heard that line before.  You have!  Children’s homes are plentiful in this country.   Children can be removed from their home because of parental abuse, neglect, alcoholism, poverty or their own delinquent behavior.  And all those things happen frequently.  In these homes they are expected to attend school until at least the age of 16, help with the chores and maintenance of the home and participate in the activities in their ‘family’ group.  We have visited many of these children’s homes and find that although their facilities are old, they are clean, orderly and seem to be well managed with caring staff.  Only a couple have we had negative remarks made by the staff about the children.  One place told us the children were ‘mean’ and they destroyed the computers they had.  We did not approve them for a project. 

And then the rest of the day we helped a branch member’s family move – back to where they moved from a couple of weeks ago.  Long, emotional story.  But where they are is a better place for them.

Thursday we met with the Kaposvár Red Cross.  They are very involved – in this county they support a homeless shelter, a family shelter and a day care for mentally and physically disabled children -- plenty of needs there.  

Friday, November 7, 2014 we celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary – by putting a 'love lock' on our apartment deck.  They don’t have a public place here, but here is where we lived at the time – so we found an appropriate place.  We were wished 44 more years!

Friday is always district meeting in the morning and then we typically grab lunch with the missionaries before we come home and I’m in the kitchen the rest of the day to prepare for Young Single Adults.   We celebrated Evi’s birthday, one of our sisters.  She is gluten intolerant, so I made a cheesecake.  It was not beautiful and I didn’t have a spring form pan, but the looks and shape did not keep it from being eaten.

At one of our home evenings a lady attended.  She and friends help feed some of the homeless on Saturdays.  We visited that sight on Saturday. This day they made s a large kettle of mostly pasta.  Not sure yet if we can help them; we cannot provide food or money as they are very temporary.   And we must meet with an actual organization/foundation – to know that the donations will be used properly and will be long lasting.    She and her friends are definitely doing a great service as they also brought donated clothes and some mattress pads.  They all went very quickly.  

Today we had two branch sisters, Erzsi and Eva (and Erzsi’s grand daughter), to lunch.  The elders always need to come to translate.  These ladies are very fun and quite the talkers, so it was a delightful and chatty time.

We have a busy week of traveling ahead – stake conference in Budapest next weekend.  

Little Carlee Miller had the procedure to close her abdomen opening on Friday.  She handled that well.  Erin was able to hold her on Thursday.   She is stable, her color is improving; we are praying for her intestines, bowels and her body to grow and do well so that she will be able to be removed from the ventilator and her nutritional supplement as soon as possible.  Her future will depend on how she heals and grows in the next couple of months.

We know that the power of the Priesthood is real.  We know it is the healing power.  Of course we hope and pray for Carlee to be healed by that power.  But we also pray for Heavenly Father’s will to be done, and for the strength and faith to accept His will always.


  1. Great post. Thank you. And who is the cute 25-year-old in the gray dress in the "lovelock" photo?



  2. Happy 44th wedding anniversary and what a great place to celebrate it!! It looks like the Hungarians enjoy Halloween. I was very touched about the story of your son and their new baby. I will for sure keep that precious little spirit in my prayers. I can't imagine what your son and daughter-in-law must be going through.
    We just had Stake Conference the past two days and had Elder Hamula here from the Seventy. Talk about a spiritual feast. We were so blessed to have him stay in our home and literally be taught by him. It was a weekend we won't forget anytime soon!! I love hearing about all of your projects and all the love and service you are doing for the Branch and people of Hungary. May the Lord continue to bless you in your efforts.