December 7, 2014

A couple of 'appetizing' menu specials.
Only a few days late, we had our Thanksgiving dinner with the four elders in Kaposvar.  We couldn’t get a whole turkey, but I did find pieces – so with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, salad and pumpkin pie – it was quite American and we were very thankful – even on Monday!

Home evening was a success.  After the message we played games – Black Magic, Bang Bang, and Petals Around the Roses.  Apparently they were having such a good time (trying to figure out the games) that they did not want to leave.   Actually the elders are a pretty good resource for games learned at the MTC! 

Elder Roberts (brand new, Pleasant Grove, UT), Elder Anderson (Burley, ID), 
Elder Swink (Providence, UT), Elder Wilcox (Saratoga Springs, UT)
Tuesday we walked downtown to have our picture taken at the manger scene (for our Christmas message) and happened to run into the elders.  That called for some warm chimney cakes from our Christmas street markets, especially since we have a brand new elder who had only been in the country a few days.

Wednesday we went to the Jahn Ferenc Hospital to ‘close’ the gift of the sterilizer which had been previously delivered to the neonatal unit there.  This project – the simplest one we’ve done -- has taken forever.  We submitted a vendor form to the area office in Germany to pay the vendor.  It got caught in the ‘changing of the guards’ (new missionaries) and had to be re-submitted.  And for some reason, money was sent to the vendor’s bank and then retracted.  Finally, it all came together.  The glass baby bottles we ordered are still coming.
After this ‘closing,’ we spent the afternoon and evening with a friend, Debby (Darling) Gibbs, who had come to Budapest to spend some time with her friend from Houston.  (Debby was in our BYU ward many years ago.)  First things first – lunch.   We were near Nagy Palacsinta, so  Debby had a taste of Hungary. 
Palacsinta’s are very traditional -- Hungary’s version of crepes. However, here they like layers – ham, broccoli, cheese or chocolate or whatever else one chooses.   Sour cream and whipped cream are so very important and plentiful!

The rest of the afternoon and evening in spite of the chill, we were captivated by the Christmas markets on famous Vaci Utca and Vörsömarty Ter.  These delightful markets with their beautiful Hungarian crafts and cuisine are permanent for the month of December.  We even had a walk along the shore of the Danube (in December!) to view ‘Shoes on the Danube.’  Mostly, we enjoyed seeing, visiting and being with Debby.  

The next morning we drove to Györ to close a project at a very large nursing home, where we gave them antidecubitus mattresses.  New to you, too?   These are the ‘hospital’ version of the egg crate mattresses (stacked behind these ladies) used for those who are bedridden to prevent bed sores. 
Very sweet ladies who were gracious and very happy for this gift.  Of course, this facility is supported by the government – not!  And they work for next to nothing, take care and do so much for the people there.  They had applied for a grant in 2002 and finally received it in 2012, and just finished some renovation -- a small, new wing with a lunch room, small physical therapy room, an elevator, new windows, and some rooms that are now handicap accessible. 
Back home, Friday we had a great district meeting with a new district leader.  We talked specifically about our investigators, their status, and the need for families and priesthood in this branch.  Our fast today was more specific for these needs.  We know that miracles happen and we are praying for a miracle.  As mentioned before, we only have 6 active priesthood brethren in this branch, and one just turned 16.  We need a miracle in this branch.

Friday night, December 5th, is the night Mikulás (Hungarian Santa Claus) comes – the evening before St. Nicholas Feast Day on the 6th.  Children put their shoes in the window sill and if they have been good, they will receive candy in their shoes.  And if children have not been good, Mikulás brings along a helper -- Krampusz (Devil) who might leave twigs instead. 
Saturday we attended a dinner/celebration for the brother in the branch that recently passed away.  It was at his home.  Branch members helped with food, the branch president spoke and then we ate.  Perhaps it was intended to be on St. Nicholas Feast Day.  

And then attendance today at church was pretty sparse.  It has been raining for the last couple of days.  That makes a big difference here. 
Some have asked about Carlee.   As we understand, she is slowly gaining some weight (around 4 lbs now), is off the ventilator, but does not seem to be absorbing any breast milk.  Right now they are waiting for her to get to 5-6 lbs so she can have the surgery to reconnect her intestines (and hopefully they have healed and grown).   Erin has been going every day and holding her skin to skin, which has been a wonderful experience; they feel that it is helping.   We are so grateful for the blessings thus far and continue to pray for a miracle there.

In this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we pause to share our gratitude for so many gifts from our Savior -- Him being the most important of all.  He is the Gift! 

PS - Next week's post will be late as we will be in Budapest over the weekend and for Christmas Zone Conference on Monday.

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  1. Another great week in Hungary it seems. I'm so glad y'all and Debby made contact. I only wish we could have joined you. Thank you for the heads-up, I won't look for you post on Sunday next week.