April 12, 2015

Sign on a door at Tesco. Now we know how the door really feels.

The week turned into a most beautiful spring one – no wind and the sun is shining.  On Saturday, our P Day, we cleaned and washed – even some extras and all could dry outside in a short time.  Love this time of year!

Church today was wonderful  -- good, prepared talks and the branch house was full.  AND, VERY EXCITING NEWS -- our young sister who sent in her mission papers received her call and announced it today.  She will serve in the England London Mission, leaving August 6th!   She is a pioneer; the first missionary from our little Kaposvar Branch. 

This week’s report can almost be summed up in one paragraph.  It was a week at home to finish paperwork, accounting and details from our last week of visiting new places.   Our translator made calls to places we met with, items were researched (one day we made a quick day trip to the outskirts of Budapest for prices), and several projects have now been submitted. 

And, we met with three of our YSA sisters to discuss an upcoming activity.  Typically any stake YSA activity has been held in Budapest and the members from outlying cities must travel in.  The stake suggested that the other branches host some activities.  So, a couple of our sisters volunteered to be the first – in May! This will be interesting to see how this is supported and how our small branch can host this overnight event.   Stay tuned.

In lieu of exciting happenings and photo ops this week, we are going to post a few random photos:


Last week with Elder and Sister Sharpe, we stepped into St. Stephen’s Basilica and it was the Easter Mass.  Lights were on, the room was full, candles were lit and the music was beautiful.

And oh, so close is the famed fagy (ice cream) store that serves it up as a rose.  This one is chili chocolate and hazelnut.  It was yummy!

Wall radiators are not so bad – when they keep the towels toasty or can be treated as part of the décor.

A few of the handcrafts done by residents one of the homes for the disabled that we visited.

This is the room of two elderly women in a home we visited.  One of them was so excited to show us that she loves flowers.  Her side was fairly blooming.  She was also proud to tell us that she had done all the handwork on the dresser scarves and doiles --exquisite handwork all over the room.

Beautiful stained glass windows in a very old mansion now serving as a children’s home.


Our LDS church building in the city of Miskolc – we think Harry Potter would feel comfortable here.

Novelty purses made with only zippers sewn together.  Some unzip to just one long piece.

Here’s a photo of the delicious chimney cakes.  They are a cinnamon roll like dough and put around a rolling pin-size dowel and baked over coals (or oven) and then rolled in cinnamon, sugar, nuts, whatever. . .

A great idea – candy bars with wrappers for every occasion.   The pink one says "Life should be a little crazy."  

A table from an antique sewing machine.  All the tables in the restaurant had these for bases -- they were all different.  The treadle was still on some.

It’s tradition to go to lunch with the elders after district meeting each week.   We tried a new, very good place this week.
And a couple of the lunches. . .

Today's Relief Society and Priesthood lesson was about the Prophet Joseph Smith.  What a privilege it would have been to know him; and something to aspire to.   We know that he was called of God, that he did see God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  He restored the Church and opened this last dispensation, which has been led by a living prophet since then.  We thank thee oh God for His prophets.


  1. Wow, I am late coming to the party this week. What a fun post. The ice cream! The food! Saint Stephen's! And the Mormon church: such a surprising design. All good fun. Thanks for posting. I enjoy your posts every week, and this week I only have a few days until the next one because somehow this week got away from me. We will be off to Arizona to baby sit, but will follow you from there.



  2. I love the stain glass windows in the children's home. The chimney cakes look really good!
    That's exciting about the sister in your Branch going on a mission to England.