From left: Kelli Long (daughter) and her daughter Malory, Erin Miller (daughter-in-law), Sharon holding Carlee in pink bow (almost hidden), Lilly Miller (grandaughter in pink shirt holding balloon -- she really was happy even though her face didn't think so), our son Mike, Riley Long (granddaughter, age 12), Stan and Bryson Miller, age 8. Taking the picture was our daughter Ali.

Our trip home was uneventful. We got home just after 7:00 p.m., had lots of hugs at the airport, claimed our luggage then went to meet our new stake president to be released. Really nice guy named President Stevens. We had a nice visit and it was all fine until he said, "Now take off your name badges." We weren't prepared for that and it brought a couple of tears.

The mission was incredible. People ask, "How was the mission?" All we can say is that it was great. We didn't have a bad day. We stayed busy until the very end. We feel like it was all an answer to lots of prayers from lots of people.

We've spent the week moving back into our home. Ali and Daniel were good enough to live here and look after the place. They did a great job! We have now moved our clothes and personal stuff up from the basement and feel at home again. We love our sweet little neighborhood. In case you don't know, our address is:

1543 West Myrtlewood Lane
South Jordan UT 84095
Home: 801.371.0400
Stan cell: 801.361.2200
Sharon cell: 801.368.1600 (as soon as she gets it hooked up in the next few days)

Here are a few photos from the airport, our home, and chalk art on the driveway of our son's home where we spent the first night:

Banner made by Erin and the grandchildren.

Our terrific neighbor put the yellow ribbons on the old oak tree.

Posters and ribbons on the front of the house.

I guess that about wraps up our mission. We spoke in Church the next Sunday, July 12. Thanks to all the family and friends who attended. Now there will be a bunch of homecoming talks from the missionaries who will be coming home beginning next Sunday when our mission president and his wife (Lowell and Lynne Smith) speak in their ward.


  1. So fun to see you home and holding Carlee! I wish I could have seen her better. I would have loved to hear you speak last Sunday. I'm sure you won't be sitting idle long as both of you have so much to offer.
    GREAT job on your mission!! We can't wait to go in a few years.

  2. It has been wonderful getting to share a little in your journey though this great blog. We can only imagine how much you will be missed in your mission. Probably almost as much as those you left for 18 months to go there missed you! What a wonderful service you have done! Onward, ever onward! Love from David and Bianca in Brazil.