October 12, 2014

Beautiful Autumn Flowers in Kaposvár

The last two weeks the air has been quite humid and the laundry didn’t dry hanging out on the deck on Saturday, so figured it was time to bring the drying racks inside for the season.  However, this Saturday was a nice sunshiny day and clothes dried very nicely.  We are enjoying the pleasant crisp autumn weather and watching the tree-lined streets fill with falling leaves. 

This week we mostly were at home calling, researching and preparing for projects.  We submitted two and both were approved.  

We spent some time preparing a Power Point presentation showing a summary of our humanitarian work for the senior conference this coming week.
One day we drove to Pécs to inspect a missionary apartment (that had been closed for a couple of transfers), and go to a sporting goods store there to check out backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents for one of our projects. 

We have truly been grateful for and depended on GyPSy to get us everywhere we needed to go. She has done a great job.  It is quite amazing that she can find the most obscure addresses.   But we think she has died.  She’s been acting up and saying she has a low battery – even when she is plugged in.  We plugged her in to the computer, but nothing changed and last night she lost all her programs.   How long do GPS’s last?

It is definitely harvest season.  The sunflowers are mostly gone.  The fields of corn are still standing.  Not sure what will happen to them.  Haven’t seen much corn for sale in the stores, so don’t know if it is field corn or used for oil. 

Saturday we discovered the Nagy Piac (Big Market) here in Kaposvár, so went to have a look.  Speaking of harvest season, here’s a sampling:

Paprikas (peppers) are prolific -- and profoundly palatable!

Cauliflower (karfiol) was white and delightsome. . .

Zeller (celery root) is a bit weird looking. . .

Radishes (retekek) on steroids. . .

 Carrots (sárgarépak) show the muddy fields. . .
The corn (kukorica) was perfect. . .
Beets (céklak) grew gigantic. . .

Kohlrabi (kalarábé) looked inviting -- just need to find some recipes

Cabbage (káposzta) are all quite large

Idared apples (almak) – Hungary’s best 

 Walnuts (díok) and horse chestnuts (gesztenyek)are indigenous.

  And no Hungarian market would be complete without. . .

The pickled vegetables --  pickles stuffed with sauerkraut and many other vegetables. . .

The sausages. . .

and a few handcrafts.


  1. Just returned from Reno this evening. Everything looks wonderful in your post. You need to prepare a vegetable feast. The French make a wonderful "salad" with celery root. Google: "celeri remoulade."

    Keep on keep'n on.



  2. Looks like an awesome market. I love going to those and buying lots of fresh produce and seeing all the handmade things. I love all the Autumn flowers!! Sorry your GPS died:(