October 26, 2014

This is a picture of a beautiful roundabout in Kaposvár.  We want to put in our favorable votes for roundabouts.  They are plentiful here and very efficient.  Cars need not stop (and contribute to air pollution), but can just slow down and continue.   Out on the highway wherever there are crossroads, there are roundabouts.  So nice.   We first saw them in England years ago and have been wishing that Utah would use them more than in the few places where they currently are.

The coats came out this week!  In fact, Thursday a storm began about mid-day, the rains came and the winds howled long into the night.  And the rain lasted about 30 hours.  

Yesterday was chilly, but much nicer. We helped a branch family move – at least the first day of their move, which may turn out to be many days in the end. 

We spent some time this week with humanitarian paper work; submitted two projects and they were both approved.  So we have new projects to begin work on this week.

Monday night we hosted a home evening for investigators that the missionaries invited to attend.  It’s always hard to know who will actually show up.  But we had 10 investigators!  Add to that the 6 missionaries and 1 branch member!   We had a house full.  We had a short lesson, supporting activity and refreshments; the people were very congenial.  It was a great evening.  Two of the investigators were at church today for the second time.  

We attended a ‘program’ with another investigator who has actually been investigating for several years.  He is a great guy and lives a healthy, clean lifestyle.  The missionaries were very bold and asked him about baptism – again.  He was at church today.  We are praying for him.

We also attended a ‘program’ with the mother of one of our young single adult sisters.  In the past she has had a hard time reading the Book of Mormon, so the missionaries were not sure about her progress.  However, this night she was very excited about the gifts of the spirit that she read about in the Book of Mormon and said she could really see these things in those who are members of the branch.  The Spirit was very strong at this ‘program.’  She was also at church today.

Speaking of church, we had 40 in attendance today!   Today is the year anniversary of our branch president’s baptism.  He spoke and talked a bit about the things he has learned this last year.  He really is a remarkable person, only 25 and very insightful and humble.  He is currently working and continuing his schooling.  His wife, the Relief Society president, is also in school and is teaching English.   They are very busy!   

Our only (active) Aaronic Priesthood holder will turn 16 on Tuesday.  President Balint asked me to make a cake to surprise and celebrate after the meetings today.  So, here’s most of the branch at Buci’s birthday celebration today.  (His mother was going to make the cake, but last week she got upset at him and called President Balint and said she was not making him a cake.  She is a bit temperamental, and is less active.  She did show up today for him, however; which is very good.)

We had the branch family with children over for lunch today.  And then we had to help them run to catch the bus on time when we finished. 

That’s really the happenings of the week.   We miss you all and send our hugs and love your way.  We know Heavenly Father lives and loves His children and wants to help them every day.   He desires that they learn of Him and His Son and then work to know Him and become as He is as we serve His children.  We are trying to do that, and pray for the help and guidance of His Spirit to be with us – and you. 


  1. Thanks for reposting. We were curious, almost concerned. The tiny branch reminds me of branches in Brazil in the 60s where there are now stakes. So, it does grow. I am a roundabout lover, too.



  2. I'm continually learning more and more that life really is all about people and loving them no matter what. I'm sure your cake made this young man's birthday, especially since his mom was having a rough day. Glad your FHE turned out well and you had 40 people at church! Happy Halloween:)