May 17, 2015

Squeezed in this week was a home and visiting teaching visit to our German friends.  Rouladen, German dumplings and rotkohl to die for.
Whew!  It is the end of a good, but non-stop week. Had a bit of déja vu on Thursday.  We had walked to do shopping in the morning--nice day.  In the afternoon, suddenly the clouds let lose and we had hail -- the size of marbles, little and big!  It was exactly one year ago that there was a huge storm --wind and rain -- that caused flooding in both Hungary and Serbia.

We left Tuesday morning to close a project at a home for disabled adults in a small village several hours away.  

On our way through Kecskemét, we parked and walked several blocks to find a place to have some lunch.  On the way, we enjoyed the lovely pedestrian street with trees and flowers.  

Among the green, these plants look like autumn leaves.

This woman was eating close to us (and this had to be a quick, discreet photo).  She's wearing high fashion denims – the kind that are ripped all the way down the leg.  Look closely; she has shoes to match.  
During the Soviet Era, the disabled were all put in homes away from the population centers.  They were cared for, but were really not welcome in public areas of the cities.   We have visited several of these homes.  This home received such supplies as curtain fabric, vinyl tablecloths, a camera, a tablet (for a speech program), an outside ‘lawn bowling’ game, a metal shelf, and supplies for their craft area.   The craft leader was thrilled; they will now have supplies to work with.   We visited the craft room and met several busy people – one weaving with only one hand and another weaving so laboriously with his very disfigured hands.  Two people were sewing very small 1” X 4” strips of fabric together to make longer strips and rolling them in a ball.  These will then be used to weave rugs.  They make use of every little morsel. They always make do with what little they have, but in every place we have visited, the people are well cared for, happy and always so grateful for the visit and whatever they receive. 

Back to Kecskemét we visited a home where their two sons with Muscular Dystrophy were taken out of the home because their bathroom is not wheelchair accessible.   Right now they are attending a school in Budapest during the week and can sometimes come home on weekends.  It is becoming hard for the parents to lift them for all their needs.  A member has a foundation who helps struggling families.  She contacted us about this one.  We mentioned it to our supervisors and they asked us to go visit and evaluate. 

We finished there, picked up a used computer from the ward building and then headed to Budapest.  We arrived early evening and actually saw a parking space along the Duna (Danube). 

We parked and walked along the shore seeing kayaks and a very large, long tour boat. Strauss would be happy that these photos actually show a Blue Danube.

We walked across Margit’s Hid (Margaret Bridge) to a little Thai restaurant and had a yummy curry Thai dish. 

We then walked to and through Margit’s Sziget, which is an island park.  The Holy Crown is part of the entrance wall.

The park is in full bloom,

And full of families, couples, bikers, runners, students – all enjoying the beautiful surroundings and evening. 

We sat for a few minutes to enjoy the dancing water fountain.

The next day we went to the stake center to receive used computers that had recently been 
updated in church buildings.   Brother L, one of the facilities men, knew that his daughter’s 
school was in desperate need of some newer computers; so we then went and presented 
five of them to that specialized high school.

Several months ago, we helped an autistic school and home, and were invited to their 
annual talent and thank you program for school supporters.   These leaders were very 
gracious and happy to see us.  We very much enjoyed the program and the musical 
numbers -- several piano solos from the boys, recorder solos from the girls, and girls, boys 
and mixed choir numbers.   Our interpreter needed/wanted  to leave, so we missed the last 
part of the program and the reception afterwards. 

On to do a bit of shopping for the stake-wide young single adult event happening in 
Kaposvár on Friday. This is the first time a young adult event has been held outside of 

We were fortunate that Elder and Sister Peterson (Highland, UT) YSA leaders in Budapest came to see and help.  they arrived in time for lunch at Gecko, our token Mexican offering.

The first of the YSA guests.
Our guests arrived early evening -- several came from Budapest, one from Szeged and three from Pécs, our two members and two non-members.  first it was get-acquainted time, then dinner and afterwards they had a great time competing in Minute-to-Win-It games.  We were very involved in the 'running' of the games and didn't take photos of the fun.

then it was dance time, complete with a disco ball (which the girls in the branch thought was the most important supply item for the event)!  After the dance, President Balint took them on a walking tour of the city before getting them to their hostels quite late (or early).  

The next morning was breakfast, a fireside, a fun game and then lunch (Cafe Rio-style as best I could do).  We were told lunch had to be right at noon because people needed to leave.  Well, they sat around and talked for a couple more hours.  they seemed to be in no hurry, and said they had a great time.  We think it was a great success.

Our service is varied and never boring.  We are grateful to serve in any way that might be needed.  We continue to pray for the growth and strength of our branch members and for those whom the elders are teaching.  We do have several 'regulars' at home evening and our YSA activity on Fridays.  They are not committing, but at least they are in safe and good activities/company on those nights.  We will continue to feed, teach and share testimonies with them until we can number them with the ninety and nine (Luke 15:4).


  1. Always a pleasure to see your posts. Everything sounds and looks wonderful. The German food, in particular looked delicious. Looking forward to your return, but I will miss your posts.


  2. I love this time of year with all of the Spring flowers. Europe always does such a beautiful job of doing flower arrangements on the grounds. My mom is from Germany & I make rouladen & red cabbage quite often. My family loves it. Come visit us in Wa. and I'd be happy to make it for you! Sounds like your YSA conference was a big success. Hopefully they'll have a lot more. Jacob & I were watching the Panama video tonight & had to comment when we saw the two of you & how awesome you guys are:)