May 24, 2015

Another menu 'special.'  Maybe we should order for our next stake conference.
A very wet and drizzly week!   By Saturday morning we were ready to petition the Lord for the plans to build an ark!   It did let up a bit Saturday afternoon; the sky was blue and the clouds were white and fluffy.  We took the racks of drying clothes out to the deck for the sunshine, and within minutes we discovered those white fluffy clouds were also full of water. 

Today is cool; no rain so far.  However, the forecast is for another rainy week.  Hungary is about the same latitude as Seattle.  There are moments we wonder if we might be in Seattle – but after a split second, we’re sure we’re not!   But all that lush green – like Seattle – requires rain – like Seattle!

One day we came home and noticed that water had been on our floor, but the curious thing was that it also looked sandy/dirty!   We checked several things, and finally looked up – to see that we had had a leak through the ceiling (benefits of being on the top floor).   The manager came, looked and then went up on the roof.  It seems a tree limb had fallen and stopped up the drain; there was a foot or more of standing water which he quickly drained!   Later I found an inch of water in a plastic pin with toiletries in the top of my closet.   However, nothing was ruined.  And we are very blessed – again!

Tuesday we headed to Békéscsaba, a 4-hour drive, to close a project.   The drive was a beautiful one – 

. . . flourishing green fields,

 . . .a luxurious field of poppies,

. . .we crossed a serene river with a fountain.

The hospital in Békéscsaba was referred to us by Elder and Sister Smith, the senior couple serving there.  She is teaching piano lessons to a lady whose husband works at the hospital.  They were very happy to receive some medical wrist and leg restraints – which they assured us are only used when absolutely necessary.   We are grateful for Zoli, a member who works for a medical supply company who has been very helpful for a couple of projects to order the medical items through his company.   We hope it is beneficial to his company as well as to him.

A quick stop in Budapest on the way home to return some items borrowed for the YSA activity; and then on home.  When we arrived back in Kaposvár around 10 p.m. it had been an 800+ kilometer trip!

The rest of the week was paperwork time and attending some programs with the elders.  With one member family we did have a  gospel-centered discussion, but we also learned what  Hungarian animals say:

·         Dog – “wow wow”
·         Pig – “ruf ruf”
·         Duck – “háp háp”
·         Goose – “ga ga”
·         Mouse – “cin cin”  (tseen)
·         Cow – “bő bő”
·         Sheep – “be be”
·         Chicken – “csip csip” (cheep)
·         Rooster – “kukery ku”
·         Horse – “Ni ha ha”
·         Goat – “mek mek”
·         Bear – “brum brum”

Cats may not be totally Hungarian; they actually say “meow meow.”
After district meeting Friday, we had lunch with the elders.
Some sidewalk scenes as I sloshed to a Saturday Relief Society activity.

A building we've passed many times and just noticed the detail.
Saturday evening we went to the Flower Baths.   Hungary is known for its thermal water throughout the country.   This place is fabulous – three thermal pools, two huge lap pools, a large indoor and outdoor water park area, a pool with no water in it yet, a couple of hot tubs, several saunas – Finnish style, up to 85-100ᵒ C!  We quite enjoyed the three thermal pools (36 - 40ᵒ C) and lovely surroundings for a couple of hours.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Lord’s plan for us.  We are so grateful for its restoration here upon the earth and for the privilege of being part of His Kingdom.  We know that the gospel would bless the lives of so many of His children here in Hungary – if they would just listen, learn and accept.   One man we visited this week was just about finished reading the Book of Mormon.  He had many questions, but hope he will be willing to put Moroni’s promise to the test.  Our elders keep working and teaching.  We pray they are planting seeds that will be harvested when the time is right.     


  1. Saw this yesterday, but didn't have time to comment. You will be so glad you captured your everyday stuff. When I go back and look at our blog it brings back all the memories that would otherwise fade. I loved this post.



  2. We can relate about all the rain you get and we get more than Seattle! After living here I can truly see how building an ark would be necessary at one time. So glad you found the "standing water" on your roof!! I love the picture of the red poppies!
    We just got back early this morning…1:30 am from Washington DC where we visited Russ' sister & husband on a mission there. They are on a CES mission and teach institute classes for all the interns that wish to go. We were telling them about your mission and how we wanted to do a Humanitarian one someday. Keep up the great work:)