June 14, 2015

When ordering 'only vegetables,' we wait  to see what they bring with a pleasant presentation.

‘Tis cool, that early hour of dawn that comes to awaken all humanity;
Then light and warmth and heat – arrives with such fidelity.
Morning is here; we ready and prepare, albeit with timidity,
A cause for care – the hair.  It is sprayed for absolute rigidity.
A walk to the church, to town, stepping in spots of shade -- not with rapidity!
It’s hot out here!  Whatever are we doing?  This could border pure insanity.
Attending programs.  Is this the Spirit, this sensation of warm liquidity?
Ah no.  Small rooms, upstairs, no A/C – these sensations are drops of fluidity.
Back home with total wetness; body aroma evokes acridity.
Night.  No reprieve.  Sleep evades.  Oh, cursed humidity!

We did have a welcome, short, surprise rainstorm on Tuesday; and read that in Budapest there were over 100 reports of damage from hail that day.

A week at home – attending programs and district meeting, hosting family home evening, young single adults, home teaching, rescuing elders who took the wrong train.  We had our next door neighbors over for dinner – with no translator present!  With their little English and our very little Hungarian, we had a good evening and visit.  They have a 4-year-old girl, Emi, who wanted to ‘play.’   Everything we have lasted about 4 minutes each – puzzle, Set, balloons, ball, and Bananagrams.  We’re not too equipped for children, but we enjoyed getting to know them.  They graciously brought us a bottle of wine.  We thanked them and explained why we could not take it.  They would not take it back.  She said, “Please keep it so my husband won’t drink it.”   Now, what do we do with this?

I finished a skirt and am in the middle of a dress for our soon-to-be missionary sister.  Hopefully, I will finish that tomorrow.  Pray for the process; I have not sewed a dress in many years.

Saturday we had a Relief Society activity at the park, in the sun! There were 4 of us.  We answered some questions about ourselves for a get-to-know-you activity. 

Some good things at church today.   Only one member lady did not have on a dress (and she probably doesn’t own one).   Even two of the non-members were wearing dresses.  But we had 5 investigators present. One member who was probably offended (and has not attended for a month or more) was there today with his non-member wife and daughter.  However, another member says he will be taking some time off because he does not have a good feeling in priesthood meeting.   Oh, the refining, the learning, the growing, and the sifting process that is taking place here so that these saints will be strong and ready to move the Kingdom forward is an interesting one to watch. 

At the beginning of the meeting, the branch president asked if people wanted the air conditioning on or off.  OFF!!!  It was set for 74 degrees.   Hungarians do not like air conditioning!  Period!  They think it causes colds. So Stan had a hard time; he said he just kept wiping off the drippings.

Still, we are grateful for these wonderful people.  We are grateful for the things we have learned and especially the blessings we have received.   We know the Lord’s hand has been in our mission daily and we pray that we may stay strong and continue always to be instruments for Him wherever we are.


  1. It's the home stretch. Keep on truckin'.



  2. Its the small and simple things that make great things come to pass. Russ and I read Jacob 5 the other day & it reminded me of all those little things we do to try and help others become strong & experience the "fruit" of the gospel. It can be very discouraging at times, but it helps us remain strong!
    What day do you guys fly home? I continue to admire your love & dedication to the people there.