June 7, 2015

Another delightful menu description --'sunny side up' egg on spinach pizza.

In many ways, it’s been a very calm, quiet week – even the trees have barely moved –and the deck didn’t even need to be swept.  Now that is unusual!

We did have one new project approved – a remodel of a bathroom so two young brothers with a rare deteriorating muscular dystrophy disease can get into it with their wheelchairs – which should only take a few days and hopefully we can close it next week.  

As you may know, the Church keeps its equipment up-to-date.  We have been blessed to be here at the time all the computers in the Church units have been upgraded in Hungary, and the used ones have been given to us for humanitarian purposes.  The old computers are typically only three years old and so much newer than many institutions in Hungary can afford.  We were happy to donate the last of the Church’s older computers to the Institute for the Blind in Kaposvár.   We had visited them when we first arrived here; they requested some computers, but did not have room for them and were hoping to move to a new location in a couple of months.  That didn’t happen until recently and they contacted us.  Gratefully, we still had a few of the computers.  

This week I spent some time with our young sister (who is going on a mission) and her mother who we are praying will be baptized soon (she has been faithfully attending church).  I will spend this week sewing Évi a couple of missionary skirts and maybe a dress – if my tiny (toy) sewing machine cooperates.

We had one program cancel, and Stan attended another with the elders while I was preparing dinner for our YSA evening.

We have  also been preparing for the end.  Many of the project payments finally 'showed up' or 'came through' on the Church accounting system so Stan has been closing out those and finishing their summaries.  I have been preparing some lists and information for the new humanitarian couple. 

The elders of Kaposvár -- Elder Winkel, Sterling, UT; Elder Lee, Orange Co., CA; Elder Cox, American Fork, UT; Elder Parkinson, Boise, ID; and Elder Miller.
It was transfer week, so we had a welcome dinner today for our two new elders. Actually we were all fasting together for some investigators and broke our fast together this evening.  We took the opportunity after dinner to watch the funeral service for Elder L. Tom Perry.  What a blessing the internet is!  What a blessing and example Elder Perry was.   

Here are a few photos that didn’t make it in the past posts.

Actually we discovered this week that this prominent fountain right here in Kaposvár was made by Zsolnay.

Chess anyone?   These large boards can be found throughout Hungary.  Haven't seen anyone playing yet.

It's so fun to actually see a stork in her nest.

The Pecs Mall had a large display of dinosaurs -- and their heads and tails were moving!

This was the name of an ice cream store.  Does that mean this ice cream is from Heaven?

This one is for our daughter -- a Tony and Guy Salon; but it doesn't look too productive.

Fast and Testimony Meeting was very good today.  We had more people in attendance, including three investigators.  However, one that has faithfully attended for several months announced that he is going to Switzerland to work.  This is typical.  If someone can find work outside the country, they take advantage because the pay is so much better than in Hungary.  He did tell the branch president that he would find the branch in Switzerland and continue to attend – and he was one for whom we were fasting.

Besides being grateful this week for the internet, we are also very grateful for the Holy Spirit in our lives and because of our membership in the Church we have the opportunity, if worthy, to have Him as our constant companion. Yes, we are very blessed to have served together as companions on our mission, but an even more important companion for each of us is the Holy Ghost. 

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  1. Those were some fun bits. Manna = ice cream: those lucky Israelites!

    What are your dates? You know, release, back on the ground in Utah, etc.

    Have a good week.